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OK, so in moving I'm being ruthless.

I have a bunch of spare parts for various board games. I got them ... I don't even remember. Off freecycle. I've definitely got two HeroQuest boards, and a lot of the rest, I think, is Space Hulk, Dungeonquest, maybe some Warhammer Quest, I dunno. But I am getting rid of it. If you are sitting around thinking 'man, I'd love to play some 1st ed. Space Hulk, but I'm missing a crucial board piece', let me know, because otherwise it's all going in the bin.

This seems weird -- it's more to overcome my ingrained hatred of throwing away manufactured products, especially ones they're not making any more.

EDIT: Taken -- that was quick!

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OK, I have books to give away! I actually already owe @juliethood@googlemail.com one from last time. However, there are some conditions. First: if you want them, you actually have to take them, since my primary interest is getting them out of the house. Second, for the roleplaying stuff, it is a condition of my deal with the original owner that the games must go to "a good home", ie someone likely to play or otherwise use them.

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I don't suppose anyone is going from Cambridge to London this Saturday? It just doesn't look like much of a day to be grappling with public transport...

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So, all you folks who said you would like to have gone to my Lovecraft talk but missed it -- is it something you'd still be interested in hearing? And if so, how interested? Would you pay a pound? Would you pay ... _two_ pounds?

I mean, originally it would have cost you seven pounds.

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By the way, if I have not responded to a Mortals downtime, or have left a scene hanging, it's not because I hate you, but because I'm disorganised and have forgotten. Please, please bring it to my attention -- I won't be annoyed, I'll be grateful.

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So, jenewman lent me this Song of Ice and Fire RPG.

I'm thinking of running a mini-campaign here in Cambridge to try it out. Wednesdays or Thursdays would be best for me. Anyone interested?

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So, Berlin. Once again, there may have been some initial faffing with public transport, but in fact it was very simple once you got the hang of it and learned a few basic words. But perhaps after the flight and the airport with all their pressures is not the best time to get the hang of anything.

Day 1: to parents' house, part of Stanford complex in Dahlem. Nice place. Family reunion. Dinner. Bed.

Day 2: general wandering. Shopping (shoes to replace Allison's damaged boot, lunch), Rathaus (ugly diplomatic gifts, neat high-tech map thing, nice staircase, bathroom), Marienkirche (awesome, ugly sculptures, sweet faded medieval Totentanz, nice sense of historical palimpsest), various shops and sights, Brandenburg Gate (a big arch thing, historically evocative if you're German I guess, otherwise just a monument), Holocaust Memorial and museum (educational and depressing), dinner, opera. Handel's Orlando. Staging tried a little too hard to be inventive but was well-executed, and some very impressive bits. I don't know enough about opera to make a proper judgement, but I enjoyed it.

Day 3: Museuminsel! Altes Museum (nice building, attractive interior, nice Etruscan stuff), Nationalgalerie (I do not care enough about German painters of the 19th century to spend an hour looking at them. Or, frankly, five minutes.) Tired, footsore, flagging -- went to cafe at Pergamon Museum and ate soup and had tea. Much refreshed! Pergamon Museum (fantastic! Ishtar Gate is obviously the star attraction, but there's a lot of amazing stuff, particularly if you like the archaeology of the Near East. The Germans were all over that joint like a rash in the late 19th/early 20th centuries), gift shop, Neues Museum (my pick of the weekend, actually -- collection not as iconic as the Pergamon, but excellent presentation and some great variety), home for dinner, got a little drunk.

Day 4: Shopping. I bought a coat! It was cheap as dirt. I hate buying coats, so this was pretty good, and I was able to snap it up quickly. Some other little bits of shopping, then home again. Saw some odd things.

Day 5: homeward bound. Lovely sunrise. Collapsed, then did some painting. Goblin army now has a stand of Beasts, two of Fliers, and the Behemoth General complete. Not a bad start.

Over the last two weeks, I've felt my brain waking up again. Now to make sure it doesn't fall asleep. I need to establish a regular schedule for working on Bohemond.

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So, the last week and a bit has been excellent. Friday the 22nd was another instalment of thelorax42's superb Essex Mortals game. This was followed by a trip back to Lunnon Town with annwfyn, one which ended in public-transport disaster but was saved by her intervention and that of pierot and, indirectly, ksirafai. Not much sleep, but nonetheless up in the early morning and out to the University of Westminster, with further transport aggravation, to attend the 13th sort-of-annual Fortean Times UnConvention.

Now, the last UnCon I attended was in like 1998, and I remember it being bigger than this, or at least having more stuff being sold -- it was where I acquired the Chalice of Malice, wherever the hell that thing is these days -- but nonetheless I had an excellent time. I attended talks on the Rendlesham Forest UFO, the belief in people swallowing serpents, sacred landscapes (blah), Texan cryptids (like half of it), and Fortean themes in Dr Who. I bought a book and some postcards. I also went to a comedy show about the history of rocketry. It was excellent. Also had a chance to see chilledchimp for the first time in ages, which was great -- and with my birthday impending, she brought gifts, courtesy of gbsteve. Like a lot of indie RPGs, I can't imagine ever playing either Ribbon Drive or Hell for Leather, but they're totally fascinating as artefacts, particularly the latter's beautiful graphic design. Caught up with book review editor afterward and went out for drinks with her and associated hangers-on, then off to bed.

Sunday took me back up to Harlow for Promethean as run by mistress_fran and andyrebranded, which was excellent. I felt good about the game, which has been lacking since the summer. Also good times hanging out with folks, then returning via long, slow bus ride with akonken and lslaw.

As a pre-birthday present, the miniatures I had ordered came on Monday, but there wasn't any time to really do anything with them, because it was off to Berlin! Of which more in a moment.