James (jholloway) wrote,

So, here are some things I am thinking of doing.

You may recall that some months ago I was wondering if people would be interested in coming to a repeat of my Cthulhu and Archaeology talk. I was thinking of booking a room, say the upstairs room of the Emperor pub on Hills Rd, and doing it. There might be a tip/"suggested donation" jar. I think people might enjoy it.

Similarly, I have decided to write up that talk and send it off to Public Archaeology which I promised to do in ... erm ... 2007 or so.

Speaking of which, I have another talk at Treadwell's coming up in late April. Watch this space for more information.

I continue to work on the Trash Bash, and have found an awesome container to be my starting piece. Photos to follow.

I continue to look for jobs. It is hard to define what I'm good at, beyond 'being clever'.

I continue to paint Vikings, even though I know that at the moment there is just no way to justify spending £25 on a set of rules I'm hardly likely to use often. Not even counting the special dice.

I am pondering the idea of starting some kind of regular tabletop gaming club, though -- there used to be one in Cambridge, but if they still exist I have not heard from them. I feel like having a scheduled thing would motivate me to be more disciplined about stuff, and also pooling resources would make me not feel like if I want to play a new game I'm likely to have to paint up all the figures and make all the terrain. Alternatively, I could look at the games shop. The thing is that I don't play commercial games like Warmachine or Malifaux or whatever, so it would hardly be bringing them extra business. Mind you, I suppose I do buy paints and brushes and things there. And I have some Malifaux figures. There's nothing stopping me playing it.

That went on longer than I thought it would.
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