James (jholloway) wrote,

So, there has been a problem.

Some of you may have heard me, in the past, expressing anxiety about my complicated immigration status in the US. It turns out I was right. In essence, I can't go back to the US as a permanent resident because my re-entry permit is expired, and I can't just go as an Irish citizen because I'm still a permanent resident. In order to go, I need to renounce my permanent residency, which is fine, but will take X days, and as you know I was supposed to be flying on Monday.

It now appears likely that I am going to miss some or all of my trip to the United States for Christmas. I may just be late going out, or I may not be able to go at all. I hope it's the former, but you never know. This is entirely my fault. I should have sorted out my immigration status months ago -- then I would have been able to travel with no difficulty. So this is all my fault.

I apologise to everyone I'll be missing or letting down through my mistake. If I *am* stuck here over the holidays, I might be a bit grumpy and I apologise for that.
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