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I seldom post here anymore, but, although it is short notice, I thought I would take the opportunity to invite you all to come over to our place on Friday, October 26th, in the evening, to celebrate my birthday. Chat, drinks, maybe some games, possibly a takeaway. Nothing fancy. Gifts unnecessary.

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I think I have mentioned this blog before, but they do run some awesome giveaways. This time it's a competition to create a superhero, with the prize being a big stack of supers miniatures. I want 'em.

I have entered using Fearless Joe, a character I played in a PTA game many years ago. He was fearless. And his name was Joe.

Check it out here.

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I know I don't post often; this is just a quick post in passing to note that Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher is giving away a big pile of Pulp City rules and figures. I am not recommending that you enter for the giveaway. In fact, please do not. That will make me more likely to win.

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So, there has been a problem.

Some of you may have heard me, in the past, expressing anxiety about my complicated immigration status in the US. It turns out I was right. In essence, I can't go back to the US as a permanent resident because my re-entry permit is expired, and I can't just go as an Irish citizen because I'm still a permanent resident. In order to go, I need to renounce my permanent residency, which is fine, but will take X days, and as you know I was supposed to be flying on Monday.

It now appears likely that I am going to miss some or all of my trip to the United States for Christmas. I may just be late going out, or I may not be able to go at all. I hope it's the former, but you never know. This is entirely my fault. I should have sorted out my immigration status months ago -- then I would have been able to travel with no difficulty. So this is all my fault.

I apologise to everyone I'll be missing or letting down through my mistake. If I *am* stuck here over the holidays, I might be a bit grumpy and I apologise for that.

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I discovered today (having had my head in the sand, apparently) that there is now a version of King of Dragon Pass for iOS. A somewhat improved version with new scenes and stuff!

I am not fickle or wealthy enough to be swayed by this fact, but I thought I would mention it for people like whollyrandom who might be interested.

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EDIT: New date! October 30th, so's not to clash with Southwark!

Hello, everyone.

As you may recall, I mentioned earlier that I proposed to celebrate my birthday by having another craft day like the one Fran Dale hosted -- painting, making things, people playing board games, maybe some minis gaming, food, and just generally hanging out with friends.

I have now confirmed a venue: this will be on Sunday, October 30th at the Golden Hind on Milton Road, the venue we use for Cambridge games. It has big tables and plenty of light. Presents are not at all necessary, although if you could see your way clear to dropping a coin in the tin for the venue hire, that would be great.

I hope to see you all there!